buzz says get your ass to mars

On Modern Futurism and Envisioning – Buzz Aldrin Says Get Your Ass to Mars

buzz says get your ass to mars

Buzz Aldrin interviewed on the BBC last week about establishing a permanent human colony on Mars.

Something I view as being essential, there’s a good start on the terraforming of Mars is on Wikipedia, with pretty nifty artwork, courtesy of Daein Ballard:

Mars Transition

This post was spurred from reading the new  William Gibson novel, The Peripheral, and it leading to a new work of fiction from Arizona State University, The Hieroglyph: Stories and Vision for a Better Future, with contributions from one of my favorite authors, Neal Stephenson.

A good portion of my personal studies focus around futurist writing. There is a large notion that dreams of the Future have fallen by the wayside as we seek either respite, or full on escape, from the problems we face individually, as a society, and globally.

Excerpt from a great documentary, No Maps for These Territories.

To solve any of them requires goals in line with a vision of what is better. What would we each choose to have more of in our days? What could we do with less of? What prevents that from occurring now?

Without wanting to come off as imperialistic, it must be different, or the changes that affect us will occur regardless of our individual choice, and dehumanization will follow. Change is terrifying, but if we are to keep in line with the experiences we have that give our lives meaning, and wish to keep this Humanity thing going, a study of what has come before that currently affects us, and why, must be undertaken with an eye on what falls under our purview that we can each change daily.

I’m gonna leave this with a screencap of the opening card from the 2007 Joy Division documentary:

to be modern


Ellen Langer Lecture

Morning Listen: Ellen Langer on the Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness

On Being: Ellen Langer – Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness

Fantastic podcast on language and mindfulness in everyday life.  Beautiful part in the introduction about differentiation between Personal Uncertainty and Universal Uncertainty. People’s behaviour makes sense from their perspective, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. The vocalization is often not called for, nor required, but makes each individual’s sense of order, stability, or what is right is acted upon greater than it is verbally communicated. Worth a listen!

  • “Do you have a question?” “No, no! I’m breathing appreciatively.”
  • Boomerism: “80 is the new 60.” Really nice discussion on the cultural shift in the perception of age.
  • Great discussion on the drug known as “placebo” and how the focus has always been one of disappointment when the placebo does better than the drug in question.
  • Discussion on the notion of “Evolution in Consciousness” at 23:20
  • 1 + 1 does not always equal 2. If you take one wad of chewing gum and add it to one wad of chewing gum, you end up with, still, one wad of chewing gum. More is not the same as increasing.
  • “Events don’t cause stress, what causes stress are the views you take of events.” 31:30
  • The implications of public and civil life in the idea of personal mindfulness 42:50 – Disbelief in compromise as it is a loss instead of working through the win-win solution.
  • “What it means to be human is to feel unique, but to recognize that everybody else is unique.” 45:55

Found via the blog, Brain Pickings, one of my favorite new finds on the internet.